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    Is it possible to edit a big problem in sections. Elements 14


      I am editing another wild life project.

      Wild life projects have long and many clips which involve a large amount of rubbish when editing all of which has to be present on the time line e.g. 10 hours or more down to 2 hours or less. This seems to be rather a lot for Elements 13 to deal with all at once on my kit and hold ups and slow downs occur.


      I have succeeded eventually in the past but it has seemed to be almost on the verge of disaster as I add more and more.

      I would like to edit the project in sections and then stick them together in the end but somehow still be able to edit them as a whole.

      If I could do this I could have two or three people helping me.


      Has anyone experienced this method and if so have they any hints and tips.