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    Color problems between two files with the same Color Profile?


      I have Adobe CS5 on my old macbook, and Adobe CS6 on my iMac (yeah, I know, it's time I invested to CC).


      Anyway, I've always been able to use files between the two and never had much of an issue until a recently.


      I have used a file on both machines as a workspace to create pixel art and then drop those layers into a new file as needed.

      However, when try to paste a layer into a new file iit tells me the color profiles do not match and I get color noise which is no good for pixel art!



      The weird thing is both files have the same color profiles:


      sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Generic RGB


      Both files are set to RGB mode, but the new files I create have an asterisk (Layer x, RGB/8*) in the header, whereas the source file does not.


      This is absolutely killing me because I need to transfer layers out of this file but now I can't without redoing the pixel art.

      Any ideas what's wrong or solutions that could help? Do the color profiles differ between versions of PS?