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    MP4 colour mismatch (only on Mac, in browser)


      Hi folks,


      Using After Effects Version, MacOS X Version 10.11.6


      Been tearing my hair out trying to find a solution for this. I am building a website that has some video content on a single colour background and is supposed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the site, which has the same BG colour (as if the video content were on a transparent background). The bg colour is #2B2B29.


      Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.17.10.png


      I have been rendering the videos lossless, and then re-encoding using Adobe Media Encoder. However, once encoded as an mp4 using h.264 (which is the only option for compatibility across all browsers, my development team tells me), the colour no longer matches the site.

      I tried converting the image into an animated gif with a transparent bacgkround, but it was 6.5mb compared to the 100kb of the video, so that isn't an option either.


      Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.25.39.png

      The bg colour of the video is now #31322f, whilst the site remains the correct colour. I am assuming this is a colour management issue.

      However, I have tried rendering the videos with and without colour management, using 8 bit and 32 bit colour channels, encoding using 1 pass and 2 passes. The issue only occurs on Mac but it occurs across all browsers. On PC this isn't an issue at all. Also, weirdly, if I import the mp4 file into Photoshop or open it with Quicktime, it is still the correct background colour. It only happens when displaying in browser, but only on mac, regardless of browser.


      Has anyone got any advice?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I am assuming this is a colour management issue.

          Not at all. It's a simple Gamma shift issue inherent with platform differences between Mac vs. PC as well as encoding video, not just to MP4 format. You are out of luck on that one and can stop wasting time here. The only easy solution is to use full width video in the browser and/ or use a clip that acts as the "background image", so at least the color shifts are uniformly applied everywhere. Otherwise you would have to encode multiple versions of the video and load it specifically by detecting which browser is being used on which platform, but this may not work at all either since a) browser info can be manipulated via JavaScript or filtering the HTTP headers, different browsers might still render the page differently and c) even when using identical browsers on identical systems users could still have different color settings, making the seams reapper. It's a a game you can only lose one way or the other.