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    SWF Issue when imported into AE

    YUVIB Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      Im using a lot in SWF files imported into After Effects.


      and at each and every project at least 1 if not 5 SWF files get damaged in the last 3-5 frames when they are already inside a composition in AE.


      the damage can be-  "stuck" problem - the SWF stuck in the 235th frame out of 240 frames file lts stay and stuck on it.
        or it can be - character damaged, hand or a leg breaks a part from the body,


      the SWF is alright , i can put it inside another project and it will be fine but in the "first" AE project it is damaged.  and sometimes i render it again from ANIMATE/FLASH and do "reload footage" in AE and it fixes the problem till next time i open the project. ect. ect.


      A bunch of unbelievable and non consistent ways of being damaged. i cant even understand the problem.


      Anyone here is familiar with that problem, know how to fix it, can tell me something about it?


      thanks a lot.