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    Index Problem - Importing Word Docs

    js- Level 1
      Hello Everyone.

      I am using RoboHelp HTML 7.02.001.
      I created a new project for importing Word documents (Word 2003 SP2) into.
      There is close to 100 files, all fairly small with Index Entries defined.(These were broken out of 9 training manuals)

      From a prior posting, I was advised the output should be WebHelp since the users will gain access to this through the company Intranet.
      The Project Settings has Index > Add New Keywords to > Index File (HHK). And Binary Index is checked but I don't think it is required.

      I am importing multiple Word documents into a folder in the project at a time.
      The Import Word Document Wizard:Conversion Options screen opens and the following items are checked.
      Preserve heading styles
      Convert Table of Contents
      Convert Index
      Add new keywords to Index file (HHK)
      I am then choosing to create only 1 Master Style Sheet which is later changed.

      The Word Document Wizard:Split on Style window screen opens and all checks are removed because this step has already been completed.

      My problem: The index is blank after the import.

      How do I fix this without having to edit every HTML page?

      Any help will be appreciated.