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    Adaptive Form - Dropdown selection create fields with preselected data


      Hello, hoping someone can help/give some ideas.


      I have part of an adaptive form where a dropdown field selection needs to populate 3 other fields, 1 of these fields with multiple selections.


      the usecase is:

      • I have 3 lists - "Procedure", "Positives", Negatives"
      • Make multiple selections from "Procedure"
      • Each "Procedure" has multiple predetermined selections from the other lists "Positives" and "Negatives"
      • Selected "Procedure(s)" to populate 2 fields "Positives" and "Negatives" with combined selections from respective lists (overlaps can occur, filter out duplicate selections) (so the data can be collected)
      • Ability to remove selections from "Positives" and "Negatives" before form is submitted (does not modify existing list, just adhoc change)
      • Display the selected "Procedure" with corresponding selections on a Document of Record
      • Capture the data of selected "Procedure" with corresponding selections.


      My current attempt is through script:

      • I have 3 lists
      • 'value commit' script - switch
      • each case to 'push' items into 2 different arrays (positiveArray, negativeArray)
      • a function with parameters (inputArray, inputPanel, inputField) to:
        • Filter array for duplicates
        • Clear panel instances
        • Create new instances per number of items in array
        • Populate each field of new instances with contents of the array
      • The 'selections' / lists will be stored as JSON in an external db for easier maintenance
      • Another idea was to load the selections from XML files
      • I have also looked at the Coral UI - Multiple Selection with Preselected Items - I like how this looks, compact and easy to use - however don't know how to use with an adaptive form


      Can anyone help with a solution?  Should I be thinking about this a different way?


      Many thanks!