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    How can I choose which credit card I'm paying with?

    balkanh49472058 Level 1


      I have 2 credit cards saved into my account.

      I also have a monthly membership which is linked to one of the cards, so it automatically takes the money from it each month.

      Occasionally, I purchase images one-by-one and before downloading them, it used to ask how do I want to pay or let me choose from the 2 cards that I've previously used.

      But yesterday I had to buy some other videos and images and it placed the order + downloaded the items directly, without even giving me a payment option. This is not ok since I wasn't supposed to use that specific card that Adobe choose for no reason. It's not even the same card used for the membership.

      Customer support didn't help either, pointing to the way I can change my payment details for the membership only. And suggested to change the browser (no, that didn't help either).


      I should be able to choose with which card I want to pay for any online purchase, but I can't even see the billing details until I receive the invoice. Anyone has any idea of what's going on? I don't have control on which card I'm paying with.