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    Cant open open Interactive tutorial - can I change default temp directory


      Hi, my name is Pablo, I recently got the license for Adobe CC.


      I have been unable to open the interactive tutorial files because Adobe character creation keeps making folder and files in a location that is full (it's pointing to my user's network public directory)  and I have a limited amount of space there.


      ¿Is there a way to change this directory path? to another one, maybe in C: or into an external drive I have attached to the computer...


      Thanks in advance.




      Pablo D. Gutierrez

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Hi Pablo,


          A simple option if you don't want to deal with the command prompt is to open the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Character Animator CC (Beta)\Support Files\chprojs\ folder in Windows Explorer, copy the "Getting Started Project", then paste it wherever you have space. Then, just choose File > Open Project, and open the project that way.



          (I originally wrote the info below, but figured that might be overkill for what you want, so just ignore it.)



          The path where it'll create the "Getting Started Project [Beta 6]" folder is hardcoded to be in your user Documents\Adobe\Character Animator\Beta\ folder.


          You can't create a simple folder shortcut to redirect the Beta folder. You'd have to create a symbolic link instead, but that requires administrative privleges on your machine, and knowing how to type commands at the Command Prompt. If you do have that and are comfortable with typing on the command prompt, here's one way to redirect the "Beta" folder to some other location -- be careful about typing commands on the command prompt (especially because you have to use administrative privileges to do these steps):


          1. Quit Character Animator.

          2. In your user Documents\Adobe\Character Animator\ folder, rename the "Beta" folder to something else like "Beta.old".

          3. Create a "Beta" folder in the preferred location (e.g., C:\My Ch Projects\Beta).

          4. Open a command prompt as adminstrator (e.g., in the Start menu, search for "cmd" (no quotes), right-click "Command Prompt", then choose "Run as administrator". Click Yes when the User Account Control prompt appears.

          5. Change to your user Documents\Adobe\Character Animator\ folder... e.g.,  cd "C:\Users\myusername\Documents\Adobe\Character Animator"

          6. Create a symbolic link called "Beta" to your preferred "Beta" folder location created in step 3... e.g., mklink /d "Beta" "C:\My Ch Projects\Beta"


          At this point, the user Documents\Adobe\Character Animator\ folder will show a "Beta" folder shortcut (it looks like a regular shortcut, but is a symbolic link). When you launch Character Animator and create default projects or try to open the interactive tutorial, it'll get created in this new "Beta" location.


          If you ever need to remove the symbolic link, just delete the "Beta" folder shortcut in the user Documents\Adobe\Character Animator\ folder.


          Hope this helps.

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            Pgutierrez01 Level 1

            Thnks for the reply, I apologize for the late response.


            I have done the later of what you've recommended. It seems to work, but it takes a long time to load, so I haven't tested it thoroughly since I have been busy with assignments.


            I didn't try the Cmd prompt way since I lack Administrative privileges.



            Thank you again.




            Pablo D. Gutierrez