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    Strange Behavior in Coldfusion 2016 using Oracle 11

    whgill Level 1

      Greetings to you!


      We are migrating applications from Coldfusion 8 to Coldfusion 2016.  Most of the applications have migrated simply and posed no problems.  We do have on application (a set of programs) that in fact actually work and display output properly, however, the output has the literal Oracle Query dumped onto the screen above that output area.  There is nothing inside of the code to "print" (cfoutput) that query, but the entire query does in fact splash out and onto the output area.


      Note that the physical output is there and is correct, it's just the fact that the query is dumping into the display.


      Has anyone out here seen this type of behavior?      Solution(s)?

      Any help is much appreciated!!


      Thanks and have a great day!