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    ADOBE AEM THE RIGHT WAY - One of the best I have read

    Veena_07 Experience Cloud MVP

      I know this is a technical forum , but couldn't stop myself from sharing this . I always get amused by the way Brad Meehan puts stuffs out to us in his blogs. (No wonder he is a stand up comedian ). I know some of you might not have seen his blogs any time. I am an ardent follower of his blogs from I don't know when (May be from the time I started digging google for some best practices , when there was no best practice put forward for all the AEM developers . Literally we were masters of our world at that time . I learned it the hard way )


      Jumping into Adobe AEM Development | Adobe AEM The Right Way

      Finding the Unicorn: The Role Your Organization is Missing (and May Never Find) | Adobe AEM The Right Way


      Hope you guys love it. (You can thank me later )