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    Weird Zoom Issue


      First, the context: We are creating a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat DC and are having some strange issues. Ignoring the obvious lack of features and functionality for portfolios in DC, I've been able to recreate the basic structure of our massive file library. We have about 18,000 pages distributed in about 170 documents. I have a "main menu" pdf and a few "sub menu" pdfs to help with navigation. On every menu I've created the document to be a specific size (in fact, it is the size of Adobe's Portfolio Cover page). This makes each menu appear fully each time you go to the menu.


      Second, the issue: Now, after linking one of the larger menus to the various documents within the portfolio, this particular menu opens in a zoomed level that does not change no matter what I do. I've tried changing document properties and portfolio properties on zoom levels and display options. I'd rather not delete this menu and put a new one in and re-link everything again. I see no reason for this to be happening. I've discussed with Adobe before starting this project and they clarified that although they recommend a PDF Portfolio being only a few documents and less than 50MB, they have said having larger and more would not "break" the program in any way. However, unless I'm missing a setting I think the functionality of Adobe is causing the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions of a solution? Or even to settle my curiosity, a cause of the problem?