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    Recent Files Extention

    philipopotamus Level 1


      I was using the Recent Files Extension to see my recent files even when I had a file open.

      Now with the new update(CC 2017) I have lost it and cannot find it anywhere.

      It was a default extension under Window->Extensions->Recent Files in Photoshop.

      Underneath is an image to show where it was, I got this off the net as I can't show it myself.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It has sort of been removed. The part that is included in the start workspace still works however, it does not get launched by menu File>Open an update a while back to the creative cloud desktop application did it in.


          Creative Cloud Help | Start and Recent Files workspaces

          The Recent Files workspace is missing

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            henyongisaiah Level 1

            Hi the extension recent files panel is extremely useful to my workflow. is ther anyway i can make it work again?

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              Shehabeldeen Level 1

              yeah actually its a bit of a sad story to remove such an amazing feature why so ? we need it back adobe please

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                J-Diddy-482 Level 1

                PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!


                Recent files extension is without a doubt the most useful extension I have ever used . I say that because out of all other filters and extensions ever made are always available they can always be found in the respected toolbars etc. that being said recent files extension is the starting point for all files I use.


                I use it consantly !!


                This has caused me a massive loss of time -

                It Prevents me from being able to pick up where I left off

                and when using lots of layers it is quite easy to get lost



                Recent files extension is SO IMPORTANT that I can not say it enough just how important it is.


                Adobe you must bring this back ASAP or I am going back to previous versions I have no choice!!



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                  erik_j_art Level 1

                  Same here. Recent Files is usually drowned by reference jpg's after doing a reference pass in an illustration project for me.

                  Unless you could filter the Recent Files list for specific extensions (ie. psd's and psb's only) the disappearance of the Recent Documents Panel reduces my efficiency too.

                  Thumbnails are also so nice for this. I have my psd's in both a root folder and subfolders named after project. I have too many active projects and I don't clean these folders out to make it quick to find the latest version of the psd's or the psd's out of all the files in windows explorer / Open dialogue.