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    Only place to address difficulty in downloading and installing Flash Player


      This is the only place I can find on the website to complain about the terrible experience downloading and installing Flash Player for Safari 10.12.5.  I finally accomplished it after many tries and time wasted.  Instructions are completely unclear.  I have a technical background and have solved many instrument/computer problems by following directions for troubleshooting.  It took a lot of search to finally find a way to complete the installation.  I was to the point of giving up and had decided life will be much more pleasant without this.  I can enjoy doing many other things!!!  Adobe definitely needs to improve the instructions and make them easier to find.  All settings in security were set to accept the download but it didn't happen until I searched for at least 30 minutes on the website.  If this does not continue to work, I will not try again.  Also, I will walk away from purchasing anything from Adobe.  I don't want to waste this much time again doing something that should have been easy!!