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    If you're having problems starting Ae or Pr 2017...

    RopeChoker Level 1

      I've had all kinds of problems trying to get Ae and Pr 2017 to launch. Long story short, If Ae opened, I couldn't get Pr to open, or vice versa. The only way I could get both to open was, after starting my system, I had to open Ae and Pr before I opened any other app AND i had to leave Ae and Pr open until I shut things down at night. If i closed them during the day, I wouldn't be able to open them again without restarting my system.


      Thanks to someone in the Pr forum, it appears my problem has been solved, time will tell, but I've now run multiple tests and I no longer have the problem.


      The culprit: My password manager!! When it is open, I have the problem. When it is closed, no more problem.


      So if you are having an issue similar to the one I was having, and you have a password manager open (I use KeePass), that may be your problem. It's worth checking out, anyway.



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Thanks for sharing! That seems like a useful bit of info.

          What would happen when you tried to open them?

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            RopeChoker Level 1

            When I tried to open Ae and/or Pr while my password manager was open, sometimes neither one of them would open, sometimes one would open but the other one wouldn't open. No error messages. No messages of any kind. Just the little whirly thing around the mouse cursor, and then nothing. When they didn't open, the "attempt" to open left the respective app process running in the Background, which required a manual End Task.


            On top of that, if my password manager was open, I couldn't import my Ae project into Pr because the dynamic link failed. When that happened, the "attempt" to link, again, left the Ae process running in the Background. With my password manager open, both Ae and Pr had to be open at the same time in order to import an Ae project... and in order to work on that project later. If Ae was closed, Pr couldn't find the Ae project even after it had been imported.


            I still use my password manager (KeePass), but if I am going to work in either Ae and/or Pr, I always close KeePass first. Since I started doing that, I have had no more issues. Everything works as expected.

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