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    InDesign CC 2017 - Error Code 14 - Mac




      I am working with our Marketing group and we are now starting to get this error message upon opening an InDesign File. We are using macs and for the past month have been getting the error message: Cannot open "file_name.indd". The "file_name.indd" is incompatiable with Adobe InDesign (error code: 14).


      I have reboot the macs and some macs are not on the lastest patch for OS 10.12.5 and other are. I am not seeing any common items that could produce this error message. Some are on new MacBook Pro's with the touch bar and some older macbook pro's and close to a year old Mac Pro (New Tube design). All of our files are on our network server. I see some articles stating to reset the preferences in InDesign and I have done this, rebooted and still get the error message. Another article says its permissions but the files are not locked.


      What is the best way to see what version the indd file was created in as I bet some of the files were created in CS and some in CC. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.