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    Button sizes different between Master and other pages

    mrehmus2 Level 1

      I created a Home button of 20 pixels high by 70 pixels wide on a 1200 pixel wide Master page.


      When I attempt to make a similar button on another page, it is larger than the Master page button and  I cannot force the numbers to 20 and 70, Muse insists on making it 21 by 73 pixels.


      I can go back to the Master page and change the size to 21 & 73 and the two buttons now match in size on the other page.


      If I copy the Master page button and paste it on the other page, it expands to 21 x 74 pixels which can be reset to 20 x 70 pixels. But the button I created on that page will not resize below 21 x 73 pixels although I can make it larger.


      Am I doing something wrong?