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    Question about Coldfusion


      Good day everyone. I got a question about Adobe Coldfusion. Our company had a web-service which require Adobe Coldfusion to work. We have a licensed Coldfusion 9. Coldfusion 9 worked with our old web-service with Windows 2008. Now we got new version with windows 2012. Unfortunately Coldfusion 9 don't work with windows 2012. Nowadays on official site we can see Adobe Coldfusion standart edition 2016, which can't be use with our web-service. We really interested in Adobe Coldfusion 10, which can be used with windows 2012 and our web-service.

      AS a result:

      We want to buy Adobe Coldfusion 10 Standart Edition, but there is no information about this product on your site. Can we upgrade out licensed Adobe Coldfusion 9 exactly to Adobe Coldfusion 10? Or can we downgrade Adobe Coldfsuon 2016 to Adobe Coldfusion 10?