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    Font Acquisition - Grabbing From In Design - New to In Design


      Hello Forum Users,


      I'm new to using In Design, as I'm self taught and trying to pick up the tricks I need as I go along. I appreciate any help or tips I can get!


      My question at the moment is: How can I glean the font type used in a stock vector I purchased for an extended license? I want to replace the text with my own for re-purposing.


      If any of you know this font off hand let me know please, it's file #87728052, It's the bottom right graphic. I tried using the selection tool and seeing if it had it in it's data base, but no such luck. Again I am very new at this, so just realize I may ask stupid questions. When I select the Text It doesn't register as a text type at all? It is a Vector obviously, but I have no idea how to proceed to actually add the text that I want.


      Thanks for taking a look, I hope I can get a few tips!