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    Problem with Signature


      A customer of us has a problem with the signatures. He gets the invoices electronically and wants to check the signatures but it does not go suspecting a network problem. Any ports must be enabled for the Acrobat Reader DC.



      Customer request: "We are looking forward to the future of the company," he said.


      Ask for support




      Since the signature is valid but the block list it can not check on the identity.




      Request from the customer: we get the invoices as signed PDFs from many suppliers. The signature is checked when the file is opened. Here seems to be a communication problem and only after a timeout has expired, the document is open. The message "..., but the lock of the identity of the signer could not be checked." (see the screenshot).


      We then told him he should issue it and it worked so well.



      Now he said he wants the signature to be checked.

      Can it be that the ports must be released?


      Program version: Adobe DC version 2017.009.20044.

      Running on Windows

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi Netlogix.Florian,



          To learn the details of what’s happening during the signature validation process, please enable signature validation logging.

          The logs will show the steps taken during validation and which ones succeeded or failed.


          Here is the Adobe documentation on Signature Validation Logging.

          Go to the Adobe Enterprise Toolkit Home Page:



          In the list on the left side, click “Preference Reference”.

          In the Preference Reference, select the “Subfeature” tab at the top.

          Find “Signature Validation Logging” on the alphabetical list.


          To enable logging, you create and set 2 registry keys:

          iLogLevel and sLogPath.


          Set iLogLevel to 0xFFFFFFFF for maximum reporting.


          Signature validation logging can write to a log file, but it cannot create it.

          You must manually create the file as defined in sLogPath.


          Note that the sLogPath registry setting is a binary value, not a string.

          You must convert the string for the log file path/name to hex and enter it manually in the registry editor:



          When Signature Validation occurs, the steps are written to the log.


          Review the log to determine if the problem is with not being able to reach the online revocation information or something else.

          If the log shows you cannot reach a specific URL, that is the URL that may need to be opened.


          You may also want to test that the URL works by pasting the URL in a browser that is open to the Internet.


          Let us know if that helps.



          -Tariq Dar

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