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    Stylus issues with Photoshop CC 2017 using SurfaceBook


      I'm trying to use Photoshop CC 2017 on my SurfaceBook.

      The stylus is paired, running well and working in other apps such as OneNote, on Win 10 Pro 64-bit.


      When I'm trying to draw with the stylus in Photoshop, the brush stroke is recognised as a drag, not as a brush stroke.

      So every stroke just keeps dragging the canvas instead. If I touch the screen with the tip, leave it there for a while and then stroke, it works, but only until I again lift the tip from the screen and starts dragging the canvas again. The cursor doesn't change to the Handtool or anything, it just throws the canvas around.

      I have the "Gestures" on from the options panel, I've tried to add stuff to the PSUserConfig file.. nothing seems to change this.


      Please, any tips on how to get this thing to work right?



      A side note: In Illustrator, there seems to be a "Touch Workspace" but not in Photoshop..

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The PSUserConfig.txt is used to use Wintab API for pen support with Wacom devices where you also change the wacin pen prerferences to use Wintab API.  I would think with a Surface Book you would need to install a WinTab device drivet for the surface pen.


          The Surface windows support also has touch support and features in Windows support this..  Have you tried changing some of Windows settings in the control panel pen and touch. I turn off things in there like flicks and Press  and hold right click support. I find Photoshop works better than.  I also make changes in wacom preferences for touch support.


          To tell the trutn when I use my Surface Pro 3 at home I'm more likely to use my Wacom Tablet then the surface pen. I do not like my hand over the display and touch always seems to take me places in browsers I do not want to go.


          I also use CC 2014, CC 2017 has too many issues for me to use.