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    Losing access to paid Adobe Stock images




      I just cancelled my subscription of Adobe Stock, a cancellation that cost me more than €100, and I had 37 images I had already paid for still left to use on the site, which, as it appears, I lost the access to. I do understand that companies can probably get away with all sorts of tricks even much worse by carefully choosing their words in terms of services, but I didn't quite expect I would fall for one, much less by the company Adobe, whose products and services have quite wowed me since I started using them about half a year ago. It appears I have fallen though. Well congratulations!


      I still have some perhaps unwarranted faith in the idea that maybe it all is a misunderstanding and Adobe doesn't have quite so awful a system to, well outright trick customers out of their money, so I am writing here at least, to ask if there is a misunderstanding, an error, and I could get my money or the images I have paid for, back, but I do have to say, that intuitively I have a feeling at the moment I am probably successfully tricked out of over €200, with no way of getting it, or the images I paid it for, back. I do hope Adobe proves me wrong, since I've really grown to love your products, services and even customer consideration otherwise.


      Best regards,