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    Play timeline then stop at Frame

    craigs8411935 Level 1



      I have a stage with 6 buttons, each button is designed to play the timeline when clicked, i have a large movieclip larger than the Stage that has interactive elements on it such as buttons and hyperlinks, i want to move this movieclip up and down and stop at certain points when these buttons are clicked, so i tried animating the graphic and placing keyframes with tweens, but i don't want to place stop buttons on each keyframe, as i want it to be that if i clicked button 6 whilst i was at the position of button 1 the movieclip would move up playing passed the other 4 keyframes and then stop at the 6th keyframe.


      and then i want this to do the reverse too, so now i am just lost!


      has anybody done anything similar i thought that what i was doing was a bit like a slide show when you have graphics slide left to right any ideas?