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    Problem with authorization Adobe ID between ADE and Kobo Touch


      Hi there,


      I am not able to load ebooks from ADE to my Kobo Touch anymore (it has worked before). I can open the file with ADE and also load it to my Kobo but I can't read it on Kobo afterwards. It says: "The document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) and not authorized for use with your Adobe ID. Log in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again." (I hope the translation is correct, I only get it in my native language).


      I have two Adobe IDs and have tried it with both - it is the same with both of them. Kobo says it is authorized for both IDs. I also tried deleting the authorization both in ADE and on my Kobo and start all over but that hasn't worked either.


      Can anybody help me?