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    Workspace Color Settings in a panel? (to switch CMYK profiles quickly/easily?)




      I'm looking for a solution, or a plugin, to get a quick access on my workspace to the workspace color settings. To switch CMYK profiles "on the fly" without clicking in the menus, etc. Here is a rough - and fake - image of what I have in mind:
      Because I'm working with many clients and they all use different profiles. And I have to switch (to get the proof preview) several time by hour, for each project...
      I think that I can do this with several scripts, one for each CMYK profiles. I can save and script several "proof profile" in the "proof setup" and call scripts via shortcuts or by clicking in the scripts panel.
      But, I'm quite surprised that this is not a "native" panel/function or that there is no plugin about this...


      Do you have some ideas about this? Suggestions?