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    InDesign Interactive PDF Page Transition not displaying correctly in Full Screen Mode.

    JayOdom Level 1

      I'm making an interactive pdf for the clients at my work. This document that I am creating will sometimes be viewed in full-screen mode. I have created the document in InDesign and have applied the page transitions the right way. It's push left, timing is set to slow. I have applied this to all spreads. My supervisor and the owner of the company that I work for both enjoy viewing it in full screen and simply scrolling with the mouse wheel at times to check the updated pages before sending off to the client. When you hit next the pdf will transition to the left like it is supposed to and when you hit back it will do an opposite transition. This has been a nice touch in the pdf since it makes it flow very well for navigation. My company has loved this feature since day one.


      Recently, I've noticed that when hitting the back button or when scrolling using the mouse wheel it will do the same transition regardless which direction I'm going in. This has become a huge problem to the point that we can no longer have any transitions. I'd like to be able to fix this issue and get back to sending this these things to clients. If anyone could help me understand what is going on I'd appreciate it. I'm using creative cloud by the way and it has been not been updated to the latest version. It's a couple of months behind so is still relevant. Also I can not place a link to the document that I'm working on for company reasons. Nothing has changed except for adding additional pages which are just duplicates of the ones that already work. I would also like to mention that this doesn't happen to every page. It's random which makes me think that is an Indesign issue and not an Acrobat issue.


      I should mention I'm exporting to interactive pdf and am viewing in Acrobat Pro DC. Latest version.