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    Printing / Duplicate Movie Clip problem

      I have a complex MC that is continually changed by source code. I have a print button that is supposed to print this MC but with other MC's that are not only for use in the printed version. So far I haven't found a good way to do this. The only way I have found, is to have two copies of the MC and make every change to both of them. I don't like doing this as I am not making the desired frame rate on some computers as it is.

      I can not see a way to use duplicateMovieClip to do this for many reasons, primarily it has a different parent. The other reason is that I need all the sub MC's that were created by code to be duplicated as well.

      I thought I might be able to seperately print two objects, (the main MC and the print formatting), but I cant seem to figure out how to do this either.

      Does anyone know how to make one of these techniques work, or any suggestions as to how I could do it a different way?