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    Lightroom sidecar xml,


      I have seen people talking about turning this option on but I was wondering if there're any Pro off option? adobe in one of their pages were suggesting Turing this option off for much increase in performance.

      My main problem isn't the speed but rather convenience since I like to send a backup copy to my external drive for archiving and keep another copy on my Mac for processing and delete it when done! Therefore I need to save the changes I make into the catalogue not the raw files? No?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          With or without that option turned on the edits are always saved to the catalog file. "BUT" if you Delete the file that is in the LR catalog LR discards all the edits for that image file and will also delete the XMP sidecar file if there is one. In any event Deleting images from the catalog file will remove all record of the edits done to it.

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