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    Photoshop freezing on SSD's




      Photography is my hobby from 1989.

      Last 20 years I'm manager in fev companies.

      From 2010 I'm calibrating monitors for photographers, designers etc...

      So - Windows and Adobe products I use for long time on many many PC's.


      My home computer's allways was PC's with Windows/Linux (not a notebook's), and all my motherboard's IDE/SATA connections always was fully used.


      A. For better performance, 6 or 7 years ago i buy WD RE4 500GB Drive ( i think - on them I jump from XP_SP3 to Win7x32, later to Win7x64 and finally to PhSop_CS5). This is fantastic drive, work mutch faster than other my HDD drives without crash or delaying for many years.


      B. 3 years ago I buy for OS first my SSD - Samsung 850 EVO SATA 128GB.

      1. I mooved all OS from WD-RE partition to EVO SDD, and WD-RE4 work as scratch disk. Work fine for ~1 months. After start delaying work with PhShop. Terrible. OS slowed down 2-3 times.

      2. Reinstal clean Win7x64 and all software. EVO850 for OS and soft, WD-RE4 for scratch. Work fine for 1-2 months. After this time same ****.. delaying work with PhShop and OS slowed down 2-3 times.


      C. About 2 Year ago i buy another SSD - Intel 535 SATA 240GB.

      1. Intel535 for OS, Samsung850 for scratch, HDD's for files.

      2. Began new "joke" - LR, Bridge, CameraRaw and other software working well. Opening jpg's or DNG's on PhShop is ok, but, when i wanna save first edited file - PhShop freezing - sometimes for 10Sec, sometimes for 1-5 minutes. Sometimes freezing just PhShop, sometimes all PC.

      3. I think - it was problem of my old My PC... I was wrong.


      D. On summer of 2016 i buy NEW PC with hope of fast and easy work with large RAW files:

      1. Asus Z170-PRO, i5-6600, 2x16GB Vengeance DDR4, GTX 1060_6GB and instaled Windows10x64 in same order:

      2. Intel535 for OS, Samsung850 for scratch, HDD's for files.

      3. On first look Windows10X64 works better. But administrative part and uncontrolable autoupdates sucks.

      4. After 2-3 moths of work, PC slowing down and PhShop (CC2015.5.1) start freezing.

      5. About 4 mont's later i come back to Win7x64. Till today.

      6. Again same storry - firs 1-2 months works fast, after start slowing down OS and all time freezing PhShop on saving.

      7. I'm tallking not about overloaded work of CPU, GPU or RAM - PhShop freezing even when I working only soft with only one JPG file.


      Work with WD-RE4 was not so fast, but I didn't have theese problems of PhShop freezing with them. Never.


      E. I'm my familie's computers "administrator"

      1. I'm cleaning, reinstaling, repairing or buying new PC's for parents, childrens, cousins, sister, my wife (photographer).

      2. They computers is simple with 1-2 disk drives. And i've tested Trial-versions of PhShop on all them - is no freezing problems.

      3. My wife have 4years old notebook. I change old HDD to Samsung EVO850 SATA 256gb SSD an DVD drive to large HDD, and 2x2Gb DDR3 to 2x4GB DDR3. I'ts Windows10x64 and same version like mine PhShop inside. Working slower than mine PC, but no freezing problems on saving.

      4. So i guessing, to this problem of freezing is in same way depend from configuration of HDD's / SSD's.???


      F. My Motherboard support NVME SSD.

      1. I'm ready to buy 512GB MLC SSD and move to Windows10x64 (Windows 7 didn't support NVME???).

      2. I'm not a shure, to old TLC SSD is reason for my trouble, becouse WD-RE4 is more old and slowly, but have no this problem.



      What can be best configurations of Windows10x64 PC with many HDD/SSD drives inside, for work with Photoshop with hundreds large RAW files.

      1. Should fastest drive be usable for OS/Soft ?

      2. Maybe fastest drive should be usable only for scratch, not for OS (time of OS start is unimportant for me)?

      3. Maybe OS should be instaled to one, and PhSop to other drive's?



      Thank You.


      P.S. Sorry for my non-english gramar

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          Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          SSD's do wear out, so that could be a problem. Also,  for hundreds of RAW files, you need more scratch than 128 GB. My system has a 500 GB SSD with Win 10 64 bit. Haven't had a problem with large stacks.


          Another thing  to avoid: saving files on the system drive. Cluttering your C drive will only lead to pitiful performance. Have secondary drives for storagwand backup.


          I think new, compatible, drives with a clean install will help. As for multiple drive arrays, that is a question for someone here with more experience of that sort than me.

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            ged84271924 Level 1

            "SSD's do wear out" in fev months ?
            I have 14TB of storage at this moment inside My PC and know, how to clean cache
            If i didn't clean - even 2TB for scratch will be to small. When cleaning - 128Gb is more than enough.

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In the case of my Macbook Pro, I replaced the standard 512 GB HDD with an SSD. After a few weeks I noticed it was taking  time for the SSD to boot. My diagnostic software is Drive DX (Mac). Running it, it noted "UDMA CRC Errors". In simple terms, it was the drive cable. It was the kind that was a thin plastic ribbon and also never meant to handle SSD drive speeds. The slowdown was caused by communication errors between the SSD and the mainboard. Replacing it fixed the problem.


              There must be Drive diagnostic tools for Windows that will read the SMART data and tell you where the problem is coming from.


              With my Mac, I must also go into recovery mode and designate the startup drive, or the Mac will delay booting.


              Also be sure the SSD firmware is updated.

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                ged84271924 Level 1

                Ive used Samsung and Intel ssd's software, "EASEUS Partition master" and "WD Acronis true image" to check all drives - no errors.
                I bring Samsung EVO for sellers to test - no errors was find.

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                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I would recommend


                  Crystal Disk Info.


                  Screenshots: CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World

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                    ged84271924 Level 1

                    I'll try full version. Thanks.