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    LR cc will not backup catalog


      Last week I upgraded from LR5 to LR-CC and have experienced no problems until today.  My catalog is scheduled to be backed up weekly on exit and today was the first instance of that.  I received a message that the backup could not be completed and I should check permissions and disk space on the target folder.....I have full control of the folder and there is tons of space available.  I found instructions to download from creative cloud a file "config.lua" and place it in the LR presets folder and followed that procedure exactly, but NO success.  What now?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a screen-clip showing the Backup dialog with the folder for the backup evident?

          Is that folder (as shown) available and with full Read/Write permissions?  Is an external drive plugged in and operating?


          I suggest also to change the  backup frequency in catalog settings {Menu >Edit>Catalog Settings) to "every time Lr exits"

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            douglass94636825 Level 1

            Thank you for your offer of assistance.  After multiple frustrating efforts yesterday, I left my computer alone overnight and just came back to it.  Upon opening and then closing LR, the backup proceeded as it normally would prior to my upgrade.  I made no changes to any settings since yesterday.  Anyway, the problem is solved and I will pay no more attention to it :-)   BTW, I have a full disk image scheduled every night, so the backup from within LR is kinda like wearing suspenders in addition to a belt.