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    E-Adapt_Document_Type_Unknown for EPUB Files with DE4.5



      I have the following problem and hopefully one of u can help me with that:


      I downlaoded Ebooks I bouth from the Google Playstore. I try to open them in Digital Editions 4.5 to transfer them to my tolino, but the above stated error appeared. I can open the files on my phone though.


      What I tried:

      - I re-authorized my Computer, that did not work

      - I re downloaded the files, did not work

      - I reinstalled DE, that did not work

      - I tried using DE 3.0, that did not work

      - I downlaod one of the books as PDF file and transferd that to DE and then to my Tolino, that worked.


      So it does not seem a problem with the authorization of my Computer. However, I want the EPUB files and some of the bought books are not available as PDF, so it still does not work. Is there anything I can do?


      Thanks for your help in advance