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    10 free images is misleading


      I am going to repeat an issue that has been discussed on this Forum because people are continuing to be misled everyday.  The 10 free images are promoted widely but no explanation on how you can claim them. You would not be having so many questions on this matter if it were clearly explained. you seem to be pushing everyone to purchase images. If you don't cancel before the end of the first month you get hit with a monthly fee for the next month and again it says 10 free images. 

      I selected 10 images from your site assuming I could get a standard license for them as per your 'offer'. And I tried out with one image(good thing I didn't try all ten together). 

      I got dinged with a license fee of $56.49.I was told I cannot cancel once I get it licensed even though I have not downloaded nor even used it with the watermark as a temp.  With another Stockshot service I use where I am entitled to get a number of images per day, they show the cost but it  gets negated at checkout and I unfortunately assumed this to be the case. But no, I am told once you license it cannot be cancelled.  Now I am stuck with an image I really would not have purchased if it had only been explained clearly. Of course I fall within the group of people who do not read the conditions but its Adobe I thought i would be able to call and you'd help out. (incidentally I am still not sure what the 10 images are nor how one gets access to them- do you pick the images?)

      As a result I immediately cancelled my subscription.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Lalita,


          I apologize that the offer seems misleading to you and you did not have a good experience.


          The offer terms do mention that if you cancel the subscription within the first month then it won't have cost you anything as customers are not charged for the first month. So you can cancel risk-free during the first month.


          Can I use the assets even after I cancel my membership?

          Yes. Once you have licensed an asset, the license is permanent. You can use the assets you buy regardless of your membership status.


          However, I will take your comment as a feedback and pass it onto the product team so that we can improving the same.




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            lalitak63072810 Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to answer my question even though you have not answered it. I found the same issue when I called your customer help line- they kept giving me standard answers without answering my specific question.

            My  question is not about how to cancel the license. Nor is it about how long I can use the assets. I have not used it because I was only testing the system and got charged for it.

            My question is specifically about  how to access the 10 Free images and what exactly are these images? Can you please just answer this question and walk us through the steps clearly?

            I selected and saved 10 images and as a test trial I tried to get a standard license for one of the images and was immediately charged for it. When I called to get the charge reversed saying it was a mistake- your customer service they kept repeating once the photo is licensed we can't do anything to reverse it.

            At the same time, No one could clearly explain how to get the 10 free photos. Is it in a separate section? Why do you give something free then bury it so deeply that no one can use it? Why does Adobe have  to resort to these tactics? You have a good product I am already using your Creative Cloud. I would never have taken these 10 free photos if I knew it was so complicated.

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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Hi there


              Our Adobe Stock subscriptions are for standard assets (standard images, standard templates, and standard 3D assets).


              Premium assets, such as videos, Premium collection images, and editorial images or videos, can be licensed on-demand as individual licenses.  They are not included as part of a subscription & are not refundable.


              If you have a Stock subscription and find a standard asset you want to license when you select 'License & Save to...' it will use one of your image credits.  There are tutorials available if you'd like more information - Adobe Stock tutorials | Learn how to use Adobe Stock


              If you select a Premium asset you will be shown the price of that particular asset before purchasing it:



              I understand that you purchased an Editorial image in error and the support team are currently working on your case.


              Kind regards



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                lalitak63072810 Level 1

                Thank you Bev: This is the first time that its been explained that I had purchased an 'editorial image' by mistake. I now see how that happened. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this and I am glad to hear that the support team is trying to work out my case. I appreciate that too.  I am glad I went on this Forum.