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      I was looking around youtube to try and find a way to do rotoscoping seamlessly. Im trying to move a "hologram" ive made and while the camera is turning around the object. I still get camera blur and it looks like its not quite believable. I tried using AE Mocha to track instead of using a null object cause its easier. but I found out it doesn't track quite as well. Any tips, tricks, or any kinda tutorial to make it look like it was part of star wars or something?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you much without seeing how it actually looks. You're only throwing around vague descriptions, which is of no use to anyone.



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            NakedMoney Level 1

            Fair enough. here are the 2 examples.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm assuming you are rotoscoping the edge of the actors face. Any time you roto something that is moving in the frame you have to figure out a way to match the camera blur on the mask and even more importantly, on the subject - your halogram. The best technique depends entirely on the shot and on the motion.


              If I'm understanding the shot properly and the camera movement then your best option would probably be to use CC force motion blur on the matte and also on the hologram. Other options include directional blur and feathering the matte. Since you didn't provide a screenshot of the entire AE UI with the modified properties of the layers you are having problems with this is only a guess. It would also help to see the video instead of just a couple of screenshots.


              Maybe this tutorial will help a bit. It shows how I matched the look of some inserted video. I've cot a couple more motion tracking and compositing tutorials in the works that actually cover this subject but I'm in the middle of a production right now so you'll have to wait.  I'm guessing about the camera movement in your shot and I think the mocha tracking technique is not the right approach to your problem, but the end of the tutorial where I match the insert to the video may be helpful.

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                NakedMoney Level 1

                Great! I appreciate your help. I will try some of these in different ways to see if its smoother. If not, I'll post a video to show whats going on along with a screen grab of the UI. It is just a rough quick shot just to get the technique down so when I shoot the real thing in a few weeks, I know what to do and what not to do as far the camera goes. Also the subject wont be wearing glasses. Ill keep you guys posted.


                Thank you again.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi NakedMoney,

                  Are you still facing this problem? If not, let us know how you solved it. If so, please let us know so we can assist you further.




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                    NakedMoney Level 1

                    Hi, Kevin, I think I have found a way to do it. Smoother camera motion and that the mask feather seems to have worked. It just tedious to get it right and seamless. I'm trying to make it acceptable for say a huge project like any sci-fi movie that has interaction with a hologram and movement without it looking cheap or run through quickly. The project is on hold at the moment. I'm still working on my dummy reel to get it right. If you have any other insight that wasn't provided, I'm all ears. I appreciate you following up with me.




                    PS. Im uploading part of the clip to youtube to show you some footage. Once its completed I will post.

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                      RemusBlueFX Level 2



                      Did you try the new rotoscoping feature "refine edge"? Here's how to do it:




                      Hope this will help out

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                        NakedMoney Level 1

                        Hi, that actually looks like it would be very helpful in getting the kinda results Im looking for. I will check it out and see what it does. So i'm assuming that you already masked the object and let it play through? Please let me know. I appreciate your help.

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                          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                          Hey Nick,

                          Did RemusBlueFX's advice assist you? Let us know.