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      Help! After upgrading Photoshop, there are many problems! All tools do not work !!!!!!!!!! When you learn not to spoil everything that was good, when you create something new ?????????


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          Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe does sometimes introduce some new bugs but those are usually fixed with the next updates. Keep your version updated. If problems still persist, try resetting your preferences.


          I find that, yes they sometimes take away workflows I have came to appreciate, overall the new functionality makes the upgrade worth it. Remember, you can back date your application as far as Adobe CS6 in the Cloud. Though I only run the current version of Photoshop I do simultaneously run Premiere CS 6 & Premiere CC 2017 as well as After Effects CC & After Effects CC 2017.


          And as aways if there is a bug report/ wish form:



          Hope that helps as you upgrade.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            It can be frustrating if parts of Photoshop do not work as expected.

            If anyone here is to help you, you need to be specific about what is not working for you.


            Also post your system info from Photoshop Help 》 System info 》 Copy