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    Video disappears during editing


      Hello! I am new to video and video editing. I have seen a similar question in the forums, but I do not understand any of the terminology given to solve the problem. Novice here!


      I am near the end of editing (actually re-editing) my first video project. The first time around, I downloaded (imported?) the video clips just fine, and everything edited perfectly except for one clip that lost audio halfway through. What's up with that?


      This time, all the clips are downloaded/imported just fine, I am near the end of the project, and the last two clips went blackscreen after being cut. The master is fine, they went onto the timeline fine, and after being trimmed the video itself disappeared and only the audio is available. What's up with that?


      Please help by using little words. 'Explain it to me like I'm a two-year old' (Denzel Washington, "Philadelphia"). A two-year old without a smart phone!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Hard to say without knowing a lot more about your operating system, your processor, the source of your videos, the length of your individual videos, the length of your project, etc.


          In other words, it's not something we can easily and consistently reproduce, so we'd need to troubleshoot your situation to find it why it's happening on your computer with your particular video.

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            williebegoode Adobe Community Professional

            Miss Parker,


            This happens to me all the time. It's a memory allocation problem, and it's easy to fix.  Basically, the more editing you do without 1) rendering and/or 2) saving as a video file, the more your computer has to keep track of.  The following should solve the problem, and while a bit more time consuming, it'll make your job easier.


            1. When your video starts disappearing, use Ctrl + Z to back up to the point where you can see all your audio/video.

            2. Render your materials by hitting the Render button. (....be patient while rending takes place.)

            3. Re-add the materials the you Ctrl + Z 'ed out. That should do the trick.

            4. If rending doesn't work, go back to Step 1 (and get to the point where you can see all of your video again) and instead of clicking the Render button, click the Export & Share in the upper right corner.

            5. Load the exported file, and finish your editing.


            If it happens again, re-step the same process.

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              MissParker0010 Level 1

              Ahhh, thank you, WillBeGoode! Thank you, Steve, for responding! These steps, WillBG, are easy to follow, and when I re-opened the program today all of the video appeared. Since I just learned that Adobe will not support me because I have APE 14, your responses mean a great deal to me. I am grateful.

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                hmmm....is there any way to extend the memory allocation for this program?

                I find that I can barely make 10 edits before video clips start disappearing.

                thanks all =)