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    Apple TV Cache folder on Lightroom v6 Standalone program (not the app) ?


      I've just installed the test version of Lightroom 6 to see if I want to replace my old Apple iPhoto app which I have been using for years.  Obviously LH6 is a far more powerful tool but i'm trying to get my head around how it might work with Apple TV gen 4.


      I can see from other threads that exporting photos into a specific separate folder which is then mapped to the Apple TV via home sharing in iTunes is one solution but the fact that LH6 creates it's own "Apple TV Cache" folders on the fly suggests that there may be a more straight forward method.  That said I have tried mapping iTunes Home Sharing to the sub directories that LH6 creates without any success.

      I do wish these two companies would stop being so awkward towards each other products.  It's obvious that Adobe has the more powerful software and Apple has all the sexiest equipment to use it on so why not just co-operate in the interest of all the end users !!?


      Anyway enough of the rant, does anyone know anything about this cash directory please ??