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    How to make an 'Action' delete the original file (after reducing its size) and to output logs?

    moh58719361 Level 1

      My organisation keeps thousands of PDFs (mostly scanned forms, documents etc.), many of which have ridiculously large file sizes due to incorrect scan settings. I'm looking for a way to automate the task of reducing the file sizes while indicating that the file's size was reduced in case something goes wrong.


      Hence, I'm trying to set up a custom Action in Acrobat Pro XI to:


      1. Reduce PDF file sizes in a directory
      2. Delete the original PDFs
        • Acrobat allows you to overwrite the original PDFs (by keeping the original file name), however, I need to insert some text in the filename in order to indicate that it was reduced

        • If text is inserted into the file name, both the original and the reduced files are retained in the directory

           3. Output logs for what was done

        • Whether or not the file size was successfully reduced
        • Whether the file was skipped (for whatever reason)
        • Whether the original file was deleted
        • Date and time of when the Action started on the PDF (not essential)
        • Amount of time it took for the Action to execute on the PDF (not essential)


      Is there way to accomplish tasks 2 and 3 via Javascript within the Action? This will be running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine if it makes any difference. Any help would be much appreciated.