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    Windows to Mac



      My windows laptop has died so I have bought a MacBook Pro.

      I have Muse websites saved on my windows hard drive, will these files work and load up the sites to work on on the Mac?




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          Francesco Della Peruta Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, first of all you have to save all the files in a "exFAT" formatted pen drive or similar, to transfer all the files in the same structure (folders) on the Mac.

          Then could you try to open the .muse file directly with the latest version of Muse for Mac.

          Depending on the extensions or the specific code you have used in this files, the site can be opened well or not.



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            ankushr40215001 Level 7

            Hi Daniel,


            Adding to the valuable comments of Francesco, you can also save your Muse files and assets on Creative Cloud or any file sharing service like Dropbox and open it in the same version of Muse which was previously installed on your Mac.


            However, they have mentioned extensions (third party widgets) in Muse might have to be reinstalled if you have lost the .mulib files of those widgets.


            Hope this helps.