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    Ram Preview stops working randomly, requaire a restart for it to work again

    bebunny Level 1

      Hey all,

      We are a 12 people team with the same setup:


      Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4620 v4

      64 gb ram

      System Pcie SSD ( read 1200mb Write 1800mb ) + cache ssd( 550mb both ways)  both 512gb

      Titan X pascal Or Quadro m5000

      After effects 2017 14.2.1

      Windows 10 pro

      Dell 4k displays.


      The issue is that while working on a project (doesn't matter what kind of project), it can be 10 sec or 30 min into working and then the ram preview stops working without any reason.

      you press the Ram preview, it looks as if it loads it into memory and then it just doesn't play. in the info panel it say its playing real-time but it doesn't move from the current frame.


      This issues keeps happening even after a purg all.

      the only way to solve it is exiting after effects and reopening it.


      Is it a bug ? any suggestions ?