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    Is it worth for premier pro?


      Hi everybody!

      Could you help me out please?

      I have lumix gh4 to shot 4k@30fps,  and Dji phantom 4 pro to shot 4k@60fps

      My actual laptop doesn't let me to work comfortable in premier pro for 4k resolution, even working on FHD makes me upset as hell as it's just too slow :/ almost threw this laptop through the window

      So, I have budget around 1000 - 2000 usd. Ye it's wide, Myself im closer to 1k, but with help of my brother can get 2k usd.

      Here is a laptop I was very close to buy: https://us-store.acer.com/aspire-v-nitro-gaming-laptop-vn7-592g-788w

      I found same used for 2months for 1100usd. I am just wondering about performence of this laptop, could you advice me if is it worth to buy? and if it's gonna handle to work on 4k? Or any other suggestions? Im very open for all news   Maybe you know sth that you can recommend me, I will be gr8full !!