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    Relative Hyperlinks to other book files - really an issue?


      Hi guys,


      we as a service providers produce large catalogues for our customers. Theses catalogues are printed and used online as PDF.

      To provide more features in the PDF version we add many hyperlinks to allow the customer to jump in various ways through the document.


      Of course we add these hyperlinks in InDesign (on the master pages) - and everything works perfectly.

      But: When creating hyperlinks to other Indesign files even of the same book and in the same folder, InDesign uses absolute paths (while paths within the same file are relative). This can easily be checked when saving a file as idml, unzipping it and searching for the links. Here a simple example:



      Isn`t it a daily task for service providers, to translate projects, to archive them and to provide the source files for other users?

      In any task the path will change - and with that all absolute paths won´t work. And this although we just produce one large catalogue PDF.

      I can´t believe that this really can be an issue - but obviously it is.


      There would be such an easy solution - and there exists a tool from Adobe that can handle this perfectly: FrameMaker

      The rule is: Any file in the same folder level or in lower folder levels is linked with relative paths, files in higher folder levels are linked absolutely.


      When reading the forums this has been an issue for years since the first CS versions.

      And I could not find any solution.

      Please guys from Adobe: Is there really no solution or workaround? Do you really ignore this?

      Or at least please tell me that you work on this.


      With kind regardsStevenR