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    What version of QuickTime?

    blackmetalmouth Level 1
      I have assembled a Director projector application that features a handful of QuickTime video files. In my projector app, I've considered people who may not have QuickTime installed on their computer, so I've put the install file for the latest versions of QuickTime on the CD that will accompany my projector app. Both for PC and Mac.

      In my Director projector app, I've put a line of code that checks the user's computer for the pressence of QuickTime 7.0 or higher. Now, I'm wondering if it might be better if I changed the line of code to check for a lower version of QT or not...

      So here's my question: How can I find out what the minimum version of QuickTime will play my QuickTime video files?

      If say version 4 of QuickTime will play my videos without any trouble, then I'd like to change the line of code to check for version 4 or higher. Get me?

      Thanks in advance for any advice!