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    Interview with Tenacious Grammy-award Winning Maren Morris (“My Church”)

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      North America has become known for tenacity. On this holiday season, when we celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day, that tenacious spirit, which our founders endured, continues.


      This fitting interview ran this morning with Grammy-award winning Maren Morris, (“My Church”), in which she talks about how no defeat would wear her down, her unexpected successes, and the congratulatory calls from Elton John, which she initially skipped (not knowing who was phoning):

      http://www.today.com/video/maren-morris-writing-my-church-was-a-defining-factor-in-my-life -981731907663


      That said, if there is something which you feel divinely called to do, and it just doesn’t seem to work the first time (or for that matter the second, third, or fourth time), remain tenacious. Be the pioneer you were intended to be.