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    Import jpgs to LR while travelling, add RAW files when I get home?

    jabraham Level 1

      I've been reading the discussion of RAW files with Lightroom Mobile on the iPad.  I'm wondering if there's a way to shoot RAW+JPG, and then only use the JPGS in LR Mobile while on-the-road.  This would conserve bandwidth for LR Mobile sync (especially important in cheap hotels with poor wifi), and conserve space on the iPad's internal storage.  But, I'd stil get the editing and catalogue management power of LR Mobile, and I'd still have a backup in the cloud and on my home workstation. 


      Of course when I get home I'd need a way to import the RAW files from my SD card and associate it with the JPG in the catalog.


      I don't know:


      1) how to import JPG only into the iPad and LR Mobile (leaving the RAW on the SD card), and


      2) how to associate the RAW file with the JPG at a later time.