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    Cannot log into Lightroom Mobile on my Mac. No dialog box after clicking on 'sign in'

    Erik Tandberg

      I cannot log into Lightroom Mobile on my iMAC desktop.  When I click on the "Get Started with Lightroom Mobile" in LR CC - nothing happens.  I try to click on the 'sync with LR sign in'  - no response.  It has worked in the past and I know I should get a dialog box asking from my adobe ID/PW


      I tried an older version of LR (5) and I can get to the log in screen but it just hangs.  I deleted the older versions of LR and re installed LR CC and same problem. Rebooted, reinstalled - tried just about everything.  No firewalls if anyone asks. 


      I can login into LR on my iPhone and iPad.  I have a 2013 iMac with the latest OS and service patches as of today.