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    Adobe Muse nightmare


      Hi there,


      I have been using Muse, or trying to, for several months now. Basically my experience has not been good, since nothing really seems to work the way it should. From the design page to the preview page to the business catalyst publish page, nothing remains consistent or in place. It has been a huge learning curve involving a lot of trial and error. I have nevertheless persevered with it, and while I have figured out a lot of stuff, and thought I was getting somewhere, I am still constantly hitting glitches or walls.


      My latest issue is this: I am constructing a phone version of my website, and even though the objects that I placed on it in while in design mode are all outside the template margins on the right, with some tinkering, the result on my smart phone looked good and filled the page nicely (both vertically and horizontally). Yesterday, however, all of a sudden I was told that I needed to resave the site under a different name, and upon publishing the newly-titled version, the objects had all decreased in size on my phone so that they no longer filled the page. I was able to go back into Muse and reopen the older version, and everything was ok. Then, late last night I was working on the older site - doing final touches - and I was instructed to update Adobe Air (?) before Adobe would let me publish the site in business catalyst. I did so, and the same thing happened - everything on the older site that I had worked so hard on was sized smaller on my phone and no longer fits the screen well.


      How and why does this happen? Why should anyone have to go through this? Do I have a corrupt version? What should I do?


      Thanks to anyone who can help me.