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    Default Prefs file broken in June 2017 Update

    Spacecat66 Level 1

      Just an FYI: By default, in the newest update (in the Windows version, at least), the hotkeys for GotoCompMarker1 (1) and GotoCompMarker2 (2) are being overridden by some StepBack and StepForward settings. I had to fix this immediately, as these hotkeys have been integral to my workflow forever. Thankfully, editing hotkeys is as easy as editing a text document, but it helps to know what you're looking for.


      Here are the relevant portions of the default Windows shortcuts file ("Adobe After Effects 14.2 Win en_US Shortcuts.txt"):


          "CompGotoMarker1" = "(1)"
          "CompGotoMarker2" = "(2)"

          "PaintTimeStepBack" = "(1)(Ctrl+PageUP)"
          "PaintTimeStepForward" = "(2)(Ctrl+PageDOWN)"


      Just delete the (1) and the (2) from the "PaintTimeStep..." settings in the ["CCompPaintCmd"] section, save, and restart AE, and your favorite software will once again function as expected.