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    How do you smoothly zoom from position to position on a clip?




      I am new to After Effects. I am currently using After Effects CC 2017 and my computer is a Mac running OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.5


      I am trying to edit a clip, and I have added an animated gif file to the clip. I was wondering how I can smoothly zoom from point A to point B smoothly on the clip?


      Please use this video for reference:

      Funny Moments & Glitches & Fails | Clash Royale Montage #26 - YouTube


      At times 1:49 - 1:50 , 1:52 - 1:53 , 2:40 - 2:41 this video has been zoomed in and smoothly moves from one point to another. I am wondering how to do this while my gif is playing? (So for instance, the video starts at point A zoomed in on the gif playing in the clip, then it smoothly moves to point B, then a couple seconds later back to the gif)


      Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!