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      This sounds crazy, but its driving us nuts. We have two projects, one in RoboHelp for HTML and one in RoboHelp for Word. Normally the user's of these projects simply open them from the most "recently used files list". However the two files are no longer visible in the recently used file list since a number of projects have been created since they were last used. No one seems to be able to find the file that will open these projects. You can see all the files the directory, but no .xpj or .hpj files. Any help will save what hair I have left.

      Thank you,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Hmm! This is a bit worrying as without user intervention, the used file list just grows and the field list the projects will display a slide bar showing all projects ever opened. The limit is defined via Tools | Options and the default is 100. I believe only two things remove a project from the list. One is the user deleting the item via Tools | Options and the other is the xpj file no longer exists.

          When you say you can see the files in the directory, are you sure you are looking at source files?

          What type of output are you generating?

          Can you see an hhp file in the RH HTML project and is the Word document in the RH for Word project?

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            bob2cam Level 1
            Peter, no I'm not sure I'm looking at the source files. The user who normally does the manual has left. In the directory there files with extensions .hhc, hhk, glo, ppf, htm, xml, swf, js, and others, but no hhp or rh. I will do a search for those extensions.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              You didn't say what the output is but I am guessing it is webhelp, otherwise you would not have those files. Do you have a whole bunch of files that start wh*?

              If you do, then you are looking at output.

              The source files would have been on the PC of the author, at least, they should have been. Possible that was wiped when they left? If so, you will need to find backups of the source by search across the whole network. I believe Google's desktop search will only work on local drives. Copernic's desktop can be configured to search across network drives.

              If all else fails, you are into reverse engineering. Click here.

              Let us know how you get on. Good luck.

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                bob2cam Level 1
                We had IT access the user's PC and sure enough, the source files were there. Thanks for your help!