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    "This document's file has been changed by another application … "


      OS X 10.12.5, XD Beta


      Fairly sure I set off the problem way back. XD layouts stored in a folder on my Adobe CC account. But, had a crash and loss of connectivity, so I made the folder visible within my system so I could reliably see what the status was (or, maybe it always was, and I chased it down). Folder is located at


      … Users > USERNAME > Creative Cloud Files (linked folder) > FILE FOLDER >


      Everytime I work on a file created before the update and save it, I get the error message


      "This document’s file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it … SAVE / DON'T SAVE."


      I've been saving because it "worked." But, something is clearly wrong.


      Happens if I go to the folder directly, or open it from XD's startup modal.


      Workflow was fine before that.


      New documents (created since the update) don't appear to suffer from it. Only affects legacy documents that are newly modified.