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    CC Versioning and Activities do not work

    Daniel DFF

      Hi all,

      I was working in Experience Design last week but when i came in this morning only a old version of my file was in the cloud. I suspect it is because i updated my home desktop to win 10 to use xd there too and while doing so it has overwritten my newer file. Then I tried to retrieve my file trough cc versioning.


      BUT when I am on the said file and click on Activity i either get the message:

      Activity is temporarily unavailable.

      Please check the status page if the problem persists.

      (According to the status page all services are running)

      or it shows me a 3 months old history totally unrelated to this file. The same history is also shown when I am in My Assets in the top folder and all my recent Activities are missing.


      If anyone could help, i would be really glad, I really need this file.


      thank you